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August 13, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Greece X Japan: A loving camping trip.

It was a very beautiful spring day at me home; I was in the living room, sitting in my chair reading a manga book. My name is Honda Kiku (Japan) and I was relaxing at home. I was almost done with the book, when there was a knock at my door.

“Coming!!” I yelled, getting out of the chair.

When I got to the door and opened it, I saw it was my friend, Heracles Karpusi (Greece) standing there. I smiled and showed him inside; we came back to the living room and sat down.

“Heracles, what brings you up here?” I asked.
He looked at me and answered, “I’m going camping for three days and I was wondering if you like to join me.”

I widen my eyes in surprise; I then smiled and said I was happy to come with him. He gave me a small smile and said we be leaving tomorrow evening. I nodded and after he left, I got my things ready for the trip. I was getting excited about the trip, I never been camping before and this might be fun. The next day, Heracles picked me up from my home and drove us to the camp sight. He told me that there were cabins at the camp site that we can stay in, I thought that was very cool.

“Kiku, have you ever been camping before?” asked Heracles.
“No, no I haven. I think this will be fun.” I answered.

He smiled and when we got to the camp site, there were a lot of people camping in their own tents and there were a few in the cabins. As we got out, I kind of wondered if there were any spare cabins for Heracles and me to be in. We walked into a building and the person at the front desk inside.

“Hi, is there a cabin that is available?” asked Heracles.
The man at the desk looked threw some papers and a map and answered, “Yes, there is. But is the farthest one away from here.”
I cleared my throat and asked, “How far from here?”
“About an hour and thirty minutes, sir.”

I sighed, but Heracles then said it was fine; we could look at nature as we walk to the cabin. I was a little unsure, but I quickly shrugged it off. We got the key to the cabin and started to walk to it. Even though it was a long walk, it was very enjoyable. As we were walking, we passed two male campers.

“Evening.” One of them said

We walked over to them and had a conversation with them. One of them asked if we had taken the cabin up on the small cliff, Heracles answered yes to them and the other one added that the path here is a bit rocky and to be careful one of us could slip. We both nodded and thanked them, after about another minute or two, we got to the cabin. We got inside the cabin; I saw it was different than I thought it was going to be, it had a television and air conditioning, those things. I placed my bag down, Heracles called me over to the porch.

“Kiku, look!”

I came to the porch where Heracles was at and saw a very lovely sunset. I smiled, I walked off the porch and walked close to the edge of the small cliff, I was trying to get a better look of the sun.

“Kiku, be careful. You might slip.” Heracles said.

I turned to him and was about to answer back to him, but the ground under my foot gave-out and I fell down the small cliff.

“Nahh!!” I yelled.

I heard Heracles call my name and when I landed on the ground, I think I landed on my foot the wrong way. I laid on my back, moaning in pain as Heracles and some other people came to help me.

“Kiku, are you alright? Can you sit up?” asked Heracles, worriedly.
“Yes, I’m alright.” I answered, sitting myself up.

Heracles slowly nodded and helped me to my feet, but my right foot was in great pain. I stumbled a bit and a camper came to me.

“I can help with that. Let me take a look.”

I nodded yes to her and she had a look at my ankle. When she moved it a little, it was very painful. The lady thought for a moment and later said I twisted my ankle. I groaned as she wrapped my ankle up with a bandage.

“Kiku, I’m sorry, I should of came to you faster.” muttered Heracles.
I looked at Heracles and said, “No, it’s not. It’s mine, Heracles; I didn’t watch were I placed my foot.”

Heracles looked at me, sorrowfully and he then picked me up and carried me on his back. The lady to both of us that I should rest for a few days, I think it was the best choice. We thanked her and went back to the cabin. As we walked, Heracles asked me something, but I just moaned in response and kept thinking about the pain I was in. When we got to the cabin, Heracles placed me down on the bed and placed a pillow under my foot.

“Kiku, I’ll be right back with an ice pack.” Heracles said.

I nodded and looked up at the celling. As I laid on the bed, waiting for the ice pack, I kept thinking of what happened. I sighed, this was my fault; I didn’t watch were my foot was; now…Heracles thinks it’s his fault. I moaned and closed my eyes for a second, but I fell asleep soon after that. Shortly, I felt some kind of pressure on my lips. I slowly opened my eyes and saw it was Heracles kissing me.

“Hm…Wha!! Heracles, what are you doing!?” I asked.
“Kissing you, Kiku.” He answered.

Before I could ask again, Heracles pressed his face onto mine. His kisses were very strong; I didn’t have a chance to breathe. I don’t know why, but just from his kisses, my body is getting very warm. Heracles then placed his hand under my shirt.

“Wait…What are you doing?”
“You said we could do it together, Kiku.”

I remember Heracles asking me something when he was carrying me up to the cabin, but I didn’t ask him what it was, I was too much in pain.

“You mean we’re…?”
He nodded and said, “We’re going to mate like cats.”

I was very scared, but I had this odd feeling that wanted this to continue. Shortly, Heracles had one of his hands on my chest and the other down my pants, stroking my lower half.

“Gahh…N-ahh…” I moaned.

T-This felt so strange, yet this fells so…very good. Heracles moved his fingers around my nipples, causing a shock of pleasure throughout my body.

“Argh…” I cringed.

He then moved his hand from my cock to my ass and then, something went in.
“How many fingers are in, Kiku?” Heracles asked.

“Uh…ugh, is it t-two?” I guessed.

He smiled and said that was correct. He then slipped off the clothes I wore and turned me onto my back, he then said I was ready. I looked at him as he took his clothes off. I was very confused, what did he mean I was ready? He then shoved his rod into my ass.

“Wahh, ahh!!” I moaned.

It felt extremely painful, but it turned into a pleasant feeling. The pace Heracles took started slow, it shortly quickened. After each thrust, it became harder for me to breathe. My moans started to blend in with the bed’s creaks and moans.

Heracles then stopped and asked, “Kiku, are you okay?”
I opened one of my eyes and gasped, “I-I’m…alright.”

A part of me wanted him to stop, but this lustful feeling inside of me overwhelmed that part. I wanted him to go on, to continue this.

“I-I’m f-fine, go on.”

Heracles nodded, he then came upon my face and kissed me. I felt our tongues clash with each other, pushing against each other.

“Hmph!!” I muttered.
“I love you, Kiku.” said Heracles.
I stared at him for a moment, but I then muttered, “Me too.”

Heracles smiled and kissed me back, driving his tongue deeper into my mouth. I moaned as he started to thrust his cock into my ass again, but he was thrusting much harder from before. I quickly threw my arms around his neck and held onto him.

“Wahh!! G-Gahh…” I gasped.

All I could do was hang onto Heracles during all this; I was getting very weak and tired.

“K-Kiku, I think I’m about to come…” Heracles panted.

Suddenly, there was this strange sensation in my lower half. I hugged onto Heracles tighter and moaned a bit louder.

“W…Ahh!!” I moaned.

After Heracles came, I quickly came. We then hugged each other and kissed as well. This feeling…was this love? Maybe, but right now, I just didn’t want to leave him. Later, we stopped and fell asleep together on the bed. That felling I had…it must have been love, because I didn’t want to leave him and what we just did. Heracles said he loved me and…I love him, too.
This is a Fan-fiction of the Hetalia pairing: Greece X Japan. This story contains yaoi (Boy X Boy romance). If you don't like Hetalia or yaoi, just skip this story and move along. But any fans of both, Go right ahead and read it if you want.

Hope you guys enjoy this. ^w^
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Would you like to join me in writing a collaboration for an Hetalia Fanfiction I'm working on? The main title is called Bedside Manner. Basically some of the countriess are laid up in bed due to colds or accident and their partners have to take care of them.

I've posted the prologue and story 1. [ US X UK ]

And :iconsweetb15: has posted story 2. [ Prussia x Canada ]

You pick any pairing you wish and the same countries can be used with other partners.

Let me know if your interested okay.

Witchmiester185 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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